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The Dunes of Corralejo - Experience of desert on Fuerteventura

Updated: 6 days ago

You are very lucky when you are a guest at Finca La Estrella, you can see the "Dunas de Corralejo" from the panoramic living room window.

The dunes are about 11 km long, cover about 26.18 km² and were placed under nature conservation in 1982 - what a luck!

If you drive from Puerto del Rosario in the direction of Corralejo, you first pass a rough lava landscape, far and wide no dunes to be seen. And then suddenly along the coastal road FV-1 behind a bend begins the paradise. Fine sand as far as the eye can see. The water is crystal clear and turquoise - giving you a feeling as if you were in the Caribbean.

There is so much space in the dunes that undisturbed bathing is still possible, partly also nudist bathing. It is a desert feeling like in the Sahara. The fine sand comes mostly from maritime sources, the decomposition of shells and snail shells.

In addition to the bathing fun, the "Dunas de Corralejo" are also home to surfers and windsurfers. The trade winds coming up from the north invite to water sports. But also the runners have fun in the dunes of Corralejo, because once a year a half marathon takes place, it is called "El Medio Maratón" . The route leads the participants from Corralejo for the most part the 21 km through the dunes of Corralejo. We think that you could follow the race with binoculars from Finca La Estrella ;) ... just wonderful this far view from the finca on the dunes.

The "Dunas de Corralejo" are also called the "shifting sand dunes" because they are constantly changing due to the wind.

As a vacationer, you can only be grateful that this desert paradise, which is unique in the Canary Islands, is protected and only the two RUI hotels have made it to this magical place.

A final tip, you should also park only in the designated parking areas, because how often do we see desperate tourists stuck in the sand and try to defeat the sand with their bare hands. So pack bathing suits and it goes os in the dreamlike, natural landscape. #dunasdecorralejo #magicpalce #vacationmode

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