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Why go to Hawaii when there is also Fuerteventura?

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Fuerteventura the Surfer Paradis

In the 70s, the tourists came to the island and were soon followed by the surfers. Fuerteventura is not called the Hawaii of Europe for nothing. In the north of the island, close to our finca La Estrella, the surfers gather and the south is entirely in the hands of the windsurfers.

Surfing is not a new sport, it became known from Hawaii, the sport is thought to be older than the settlement of Hawaii, so surfing is thought to be at least 1000 years old. During the 19th century, the very popular surfing in Hawaii was almost completely undermined by the missionaries. Nevertheless, surfing persisted and the first Hawaiian surf club was founded in 1908. It is amazing that it was not until 2016 that surfing was recognised as an Olympic sport.

Surfers enjoy the steady spring temperatures on Fuerteventura and the volcanic archipelago is surrounded by deep-sea trenches, so the swells roll unchecked against the coasts - what a surfer's dream. The bays are usually somewhat remote and accessible via OFF-road tracks. The roads to the surf spots often have no signposting - so you could almost say you are going on a surf safari.

Finca La Estrella is located in the centre of the north of the island and is therefore ideal for a surfing holiday. The west coast of El Cotillo, with its numerous bays, is only about 20 minutes away by car. There is something for every level here. On the other side of the coast is Corralejo, also only about 20 minutes away by car, where you will also find swells for the perfect surfing experience.

We at Don Roberto's Finca Paraíso work together with Fuerte Collective. The guys offer private surf lessons. Our Nora dared to get on a surfboard herself and swam out to sea with Chris from Fuerte Collective. As Nora describes the experience: "The best thing about surfing is that you can feel the energy of the sea and take it with you for a few days. After a surf session you are completely exhausted, but inside you are so balanced and satisfied. You then want to experience this feeling again and you have already taken on the "surf - vibe". #surfermode #fuerteventurasurf #fueretevnturasurfschool #engergie #of #surf

If you would like to know more about the surfing offer, just write to us:

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